Where can I get an owner's manual for my Del Sol bicycle?

Click on the link below for a downloadable owner's manual:
Geared Bike Manual PDF

Can I buy a bike directly from you?

We do not sell consumer direct. Why? Buying your Del Sol bicycle from your local dealer assures you that your bike will be built and assembled by a qualified bike mechanic for optimal safety and performance. Plus, your local bike shop will be able to give you guidance on bicycle fit, recommend accessories for your new bike, and advise you on what basic maintenance needs to be performed and when.

My frame cracked. What do I do?

Your local Del Sol dealer is your first point of contact for all warranty requests; all warranty service must be processed through them.
If you are looking for more detailed warranty information, please visit our warranty page.

I bent/broke my derailleur hanger and need to buy a new one. Can I buy one directly from you?

Since we do not sell our bikes and parts consumer direct, you will need to visit your local Del Sol dealer to purchase a replacement derailleur hanger. You can also order one online through online sources such as

Have a question not answered here? Need more detailed information? Have comments or suggestions?

Feel free to send us an e-mail at info(@) Please keep in mind that we get hundreds of e-mails daily. We do our best to answer all e-mails within 72 hours, but the wait may be longer based on e-mail volume.

Del Sol Bicycles® and D Street Cycles® Warranty

Del Sol Bicycles and D Street Cycles by Del Sol bicycle frames and forks are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own your bike*. Del Sol’s industry leading limited lifetime warranty applies to Cruisers, Luxury (LXi), D Street, and Campus series bicycles. Free of defects, full of fun, guaranteed for life. Del Sol.

*Our lifetime warranty excludes parts, components, and paint finish. A limited 1-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship applies to those items not covered under our frame and fork warranty.

NOTE: Certain limitations, requirements, and exclusions apply to our frame, parts, and finish warranty policies. Please visit your local Del Sol dealer for complete warranty details.