The D Street collection is your transportation solution for urban living. Del Sol's fresh take on town bike classics will let you human-power the errands in your locavore life, from the food truck to the record shop to your co-working space. Keep it real on the Ora and Seren, the bike that flows from the coffee roasters to the farmer's market. Your intuitive ride comes stock with fenders, racks, and easy shifting…all the accessories for a two-wheeled life.


With a Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal hub, this bike is simple yet all you need. Just one ride on the Ora will become a meaningful extension of your own personal vibes.

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The ladies' version of the Ora, Seren features an easy step-through frame. Select from the Satin Moss or Powder Blue to create the perfect union between this bike's classic style and your individuality.

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With added gears, this Ora bike will become an integral part of your life without killing your vibes. The sleek, black frame and internal 7-speed hub will illuminate your aura as you navigate the city streets.

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If you're looking for a bike that can become a part of your daily routine without being a burden, the Seren 7-speed will feel like serendipity. This bike is the ideal partner-in-crime for exploring cycling in it's purest form.

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Run this town on the messenger-inspired Projekt Single and Projekt 8, two street-style bikes with one vision: a small carbon footprint and a big life. The Projekt is fast, intuitive and relevant, just like you. It's economics 101: burn fat, not oil on the Projekt 21 and 24. Whether you're cruising to see live music, grab a gluten-free pizza, or get to class, fast, the Projekt 21 and 24 will take you there. On the weekends, the Projekt 21 and 24 serves double duty as your bike for exploration and adventure.


These new single-speed bikes are for die-hard fixed gear riders who are looking for a little more edge in their rides. Your Projekt fixie will be the talk of the town, as its sealed bearings makes spinning the cranks feel like pure bliss. Say hello to skid stops in style!

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This 8-speed bike is the ideal commuter for serious daily riders. The Projekt 8 still touts the offbeat, edgy feel of D street, but with a simple and clean design. Own the streets with this sleek ride and never look back.

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The Projekt 24 tackles your morning dash to work or class, your nighttime pub crawl, and all your weekend adventures. High quality specs like mechanical disc brakes, alloy bars, an adjustable stem, double-wall rims and stainless spokes keep the Projekt 24 light, durable, comfortable and versatile.

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Cut through traffic like a hot knife through butter on the Projekt 21, a commuter bike with a big-city attitude – and an appetite for weekend rambles.

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